Summer Camp

Agora Portals offers pupils the chance to take part in Summer Camps, a series of programmes for pupils aged 1 to 12 to learn English or German while they enjoy the pool and play their favourite sports, always with total immersion in the language.

Extracurricular Activities

Agora Portals International School offers a broad programme of extracurricular activities for students to help them develop and discover new areas which could awaken their interest and curiosity.

Other Holiday Camps

Our international school also provides camps and trips over the course of the school year: Ski Trip (to Andorra), Summer Trip (Port Aventura and Pyrenees) and the Study Trip (1st Baccalaureate).

Summer at Stonar

Pupils at Agora Portals have the opportunity to participate in a truly international experience with “Summer at Stonar”. Pupils stay at the British school Stonar, which is also part of the NACE Schools group, and experience cultural and language enrichment through the combination of English classes and activities and trips.

Agora’s Active English

Have fun learning English on Saturday mornings with Agora’s Active English. Classes to reinforce knowledge, perfect skills and prepare for official Trinity College and Cambridge exams.