Agora Portals International School pupils are offered a consistent education, beyond the demands of the curriculum, which helps them to develop both academically and personally.

Music, sport and the creative arts are a great help within an all-round education and in the development of people. These disciplines improve abilities such as effort and self-improvement, sensitivity, organisation, and teamwork. These are qualities which are transmitted naturally to other activities at our school and assist pupils in both their academic and personal lives.


All our students form part of the Music Project and learn to play at least one musical instrument (violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, trumpet, clarinet…) while they work on their vocal abilities and take part in performances in front of the classmates and families.


Sport is a fundamental aspect of pupils’ all-round development, and boosts and encourages values such as discipline, self-improvement, teamwork and perseverance, among others.

Creative Arts

Creative arts offer children a variety of benefits from a young age. Through art activities children experience sensitivity, personal growth and self-expression.

Extra-curricular Activities

At Agora Portals International School we provide a full programme of extra-curricular activities to assist pupils in developing different skills and favour personal growth. Each one of the activities offered at our international school works on a different area of knowledge.