Extracurricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities boost the all-round education which pupils receive at Agora Portals International School.

At the end of each term there is a newsletter to show parents the advancement their child has made.

Our extra-curricular activities are divided into 5 areas: languages, music, sport, sports club and trips.

Language School

A range of activities for pupils to improve their skills in the languages taught at school

Music School

Workshops in: musical language, instruments, Spanish guitar and drums.

Fun and cultural activities

Arts & crafts, Lego robotix, 3D, fun science, study techniques and enterprise game.

Sports Club

Chess, football, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, rugby, volleyball, basketball.

Sporting Activities

Judo, multisports, martial arts, swimming, skating, yoga, golf and badminton.

School trips

Our school trips (study, skiing, summer or end of year) offer pupils the change to share experiences with their classmates.