At Agora Portals International School, we understand educational excellence as a combination of different disciplines, reinforcing an education which takes into account the diverse needs of each student.

At Agora Portals International School we focus on achieving the global development of all pupils’ skills, boosting their physical, intellectual and emotional development.

At the international private school Agora Portals, we supply our pupils with a balanced diet, planned and cooked to fit the needs of each age group, prepared in our kitchen and supervised by a team of expert nutritionists.

Taking into account the development of each pupil, we incorporate a greater than average number of P.E classes into the curriculum:

◦ Psychomotor Skills Sessions: for Infant Education pupils

◦ Physical Education and International Sports Sessions: In Primary and Secondary Education.

◦ Weekly Swimming Session: Pupils aged 1 to 12.

Good physical development is one of the pillars of our Educational Project. That’s why, through the Sports Club of the international private school Agora Portals, we offer all pupils extracurricular activities such as: football, rugby, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, judo, volleyball, basketball, chess…

Along with physical development we also boost intellectual growth through creativity and a curiosity to learn, as well as emotional development. All of this provides pupils with the means to reach their dreams.


The school’s methodology is based on a pedagogical system which boosts English language immersion as well as the study of music and art and participation in sports. We take new technologies into account and place particular emphasis on an education in values.

Educational innovation

Educational innovation at school is based on an all-round education with values such as respect, tolerance and companionship, and which takes into account the needs of every pupil to help them achieve the best possible results.

Educational Stages

Through the global education we offer, our pupils will be prepared to successfully face the challenges posed by the period of rapid and constant changes in which we live. From here comes our motto: “Whatever they decide, they will be prepared”.

Our Teachers

The school teaching staff are highly qualified, work hard day after day and show a great enthusiasm and commitment to meet the diverse needs of our pupils and help them to reach their dreams.

Psychopedagogy Team

The Psychopedagogy and Guidance Department at Agora Portals International School is made up of a group of experienced professionals who offer individual attention for all pupils.