Educational Innovation | Agora Portals International Private School

Agora Portals International School uses Infomation and Communication Technology within the Methodology of a Curriculum based on continual development and innovation.

The use of new technologies is a tool integrated into the teaching and learning process, which improves the quality of teaching and of the pupils’ education. At Agora Portals International School we understand that every advance should be utilised in order to better seek, retain, handle and share knowledge.

To fulfil our objective of using technology in our classes, every teacher at Agora Portals International School has an individual laptop. They can use these to design multimedia content for use in their classes and then upload these as educational resources on the la Portal Virtual Community (CAV), making them available to all pupils and families.

All our classrooms are equipped with a projector, screen, and interactive, digital whiteboard.

Families can use the CAV to:

◦ Review their child’s homework diary
◦ See dates of tests and exams
◦ Follow cultural visits, trips and events
◦ See incidents and class absences
◦ See school grades
◦ Read information from the tutor for those in charge of the pupil.

The school does not just offer an ICT room for each education cycle (Infant, Primary, Secondary y Baccalaureate), from the 3rd year of Secondary Education every pupil has their own computer with which they can work in class (under the supervision of our teaching staff). As well as these individual computers and our ICT classrooms, students also have use of computers with Internet connection both in the library and in the labs, to help them carry out all the study and research projects set in class. The entirety of the school grounds has network and wifi wiring, with fibre-optic connection.

The private international school Agora Portals adapts year after year, making full use of new technologies. Our 5th and 6th Primary pupils currently work with their own individual tablets instead of traditional text books.

At NACE Schools we are pioneers in Spain in the introduction of “Computer Science” in the curriculum for pupils aged 5 to 16. This is innovative in the way that we substitute the content of the subject ICT for other content designed for the pupils to incorporate tools in their learning to understand how the software of programs and apps that we use in all areas of life (engineering, economics, health, leisure, sport) works. Learning to code from a young age helps them to grow, having the necessary resources to be able to design new apps and software that might be needed, regardless of the professional field they will work in.

As another educational innovation, at school we also encourage participation in chess, which helps students to develop many abilities such as concentration and analytical thought. Another educational tool which helps to improve and develop our pupils’ intellectual abilities is the abacus, a thousand-year-old tool which strengthens mental arithmetic, memory and creativity.

At Agora Portals International School, connectivity and education join to make global education at our international school a reality which is within the reach of every pupil at school.