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Infant Education (0-5 years)

The start of the education process is focused on the Infant Education stage. In this phase, pupils assimilate knowledge and acquire the skills and strategies necessary for later academic years. Through stimulation and communication we help them to build up their self-esteem, to manage their emotions and to maintain the effort required to continue amplifying the knowledge acquired at this stage. At Agora Portals International School we assess each pupil’s personality and unique learning style. Both the teachers and the families will be accompanied, supported and guided at all times by our Psychopedagogy and Guidance Department.

First Cycle (1-2 years)

English-Spanish Bilingual Programme

The dedication, commitment and professional standards of the Infant Education tutors and educators mean that our littlest pupils’ every basic need is met. We take special care of the school-family relationship to develop all the psycho-social and cognitive aspects of our Infant Education pupils. At this stage, learning takes place through play, following a programme of early stimulation made up of psychomotricity, music, swimming, English, Bits of Intelligence, maths games and artistic expression sessions, etc.

Second Cycle (3-5 years)

When pupils reach the age of 3 they have 50% of their classes in English (conversation, literacy, psychomotricity, science, arts and crafts, ICT and art).

Without setting aside the modality of play as a source of learning and stimulation, we apply our methodology based on multiple intelligences to lay the foundations of our educational project. Learning to do, with our pupils acquiring the necessary habits and developing personal autonomy; learning to learn, knowing how to solve problems in a rational way; and last but not least, learning to be, to be flexible, open and understanding people who stand by their judgements.