Agora Portals – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Primary Education

The Primary Education phase is more academic than the Infant Education phase and we work on the objectives and content of the different curricular subjects as well as the essential values for personal education.

At Agora Portals International School we use a Multisensory Methodology adapted to the different learning processes, especially with pupils who require greater attention to achieve good academic results and personal growth.

The foundations of our methodology are:



◦ Art

◦ Sport

In the first academic year, pupils begin the Integrated Music Conservatoire Programme (Elementary level music teaching). During the school week, we teach art, P.E, International Sports, Swimming, ICT, Science and Mental Arithmetic, as well as the rest of the curricular subjects, together with Elementary Level Music Sessions: Musical Language, individual instrument, orchestra-band and choir.

In Primary Education, pupils develop their personality and learn skills and competencies related to oral expression and understanding, reading, writing and sums. They also develop social skills and study and work habits as well as artistic and musical feeling, creativity and affectivity, all of which is essential not only for success in later academic stages but for their personal and human development.

Communication with families is constant, whether through tutorials, the pupils’ diaries, emails or the CAV, our digital platform. The school-family relationship is extremely important for our pupils’ complete development.