Agora Portals International School – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Secondary Education

In order to make the transition to Secondary Education easier for our pupils, the academic year 6th Primary is also part of the Secondary family. This means that the 6th year of Primary Education is taught using the specific content for that stage but with the teachers, work methodology and high standards from Secondary Education.

Once pupils fully begin the Secondary Education Cycle, there are changes to the curriculum: the importance of art education, which includes art as a compulsory subject throughout the 4 academic years of ESO and the incorporation of Drama as a curricular subject for pupils from 1st to 3rd of ESO. In addition, pupils will begin to study a second foreign language, choosing between French and German.

Secondary Education is the phase when specialisation begins: the different areas included in the subject of Science are now broken down into Biology, Chemistry, Technology and Physics, while Social Sciences becomes Geography and History.
These are years during which pupils consolidate the habits of:

◦ Effort

◦ Hard work

◦ Commitment

◦ Responsibility

The Psychopedagogy and Guidance Department, together with our tutors, is responsible for helping Secondary pupils and their families in this early decision-making process.

4th ESO is focused on the Baccalaureate, given that our pupils are now preparing to successfully face this new education stage. Students can opt to get started in the world of the International Baccalaureate  by studying the syllabus of pre-IB 4th ESO.