Agora Portals – Educational Excellence – Methodology

English is an important language in the teaching methodology employed at the international private school Agora Portals, within a framework of global education and language immersion. The majority of classes and sessions are taught in English, and the teachers who give these classes are either natives or experts in the language.

The majority of our English teachers are also tutors. This means that pupils also speak English outside the classroom in their day-to-day life at school.

In addition to this, students in Infant Education and the first cycle of Primary Education attend Mandarin Chinese classes.

Once this cycle has come to end, pupils continue their language education in Secondary with French or German.

The private international school Agora Portals adapts year after year, making full use of new technologies. Our 5th and 6th Primary pupils currently work with their own individual tablets instead of traditional text books.

At Agora Portals International School we currently make use of the following educational methodologies:

-Flipped Classroom: a comprehensive approach which increases the commitment and involvement of all students, which combines direct education with constructive methods.
-PBL (Problem-Based Learning): a style of learning in which the teacher poses a problem and pupils present a solution through working on a project.
-CBL (Challenge-Based Learning): motivates pupils to collaborate and make use of new technologies to solve real-world problems.

This project is reinforced through the opportunity for pupils to take part in annual exchanges or spend a term (or half term) experiencing life at other schools in the NACE group (Paris, England) or at other European schools which we collaborate with.