At Agora Portals International School, our sports facilities are the result of a profound belief: in developing a true all-round education through global, multidisciplinary teaching, including sport. Our sports centre offers outdoor courts and fields for different sports and a Sports Centre which is fully equipped for the same purpose.

The facilities at Agora Portals International School include a number of school buildings adapted to the needs of each age group and for each activity, which draw on current best practices in school architecture. We also offer all the necessary facilities for participation in a variety of different sports: basketball, handball and tennis courts, an indoor pool, covered sports hall, municipal football field. To all this we also provide a service offering assistance for parents, and a cafeteria.

In our Sports Centre 5 sections stand out: sports centre activities which includes rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball and basketball; football, which includes rugby; swimming; chess and athletics. Both pupils of our school and pupils from other schools can be part of our Sports Centre and compete in local leagues.

Sports Centre Activities

In our indoor Sports Centre pupils take part in rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball and basketball.

  • Rhythmic gymnastics: our gymnasts are aged 6 to 14 and compete both individually and in teams.
  • Basketball: our little athletes compete in the categories: Pre-Mini (3rd and 4th Primary) and Mini (5th and 6th Primary).
  • Volleyball: Volleyball players compete at “Alevín” (5th and 6th Primary) level, and “Infantil” (1st and 2nd ESO) levels.

Football Field

Through football and rugby, pupils of our Sports Centre boost their sense of self-improvement, their self-esteem and their ability to work in a team.

  • Football: Our footballers compete in the categories “Pre-Benjamín” (1st and 2nd Primary), “Benjamín” (3rd and 4th Primary), “Alevín” (5th and 6th Primary) and “Infantil” (1st and 2nd ESO)
  • Rugby: Rugby players compete in the categories of under-10s, under-12s and under-14s.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the most complete sports, in which children work on their co-ordination and exercise their muscles. It also contributes to children’s development of independence and self-confidence as well as their sensory and psychomotor skills. At Agora Portals International School we have a semi-Olympic size pool, in which pupils enjoy learning, build relationships with their classmates and increase their self-confidence.


Athletics provides the necessary qualities for even the very youngest children to have fun. The sport offers children a variety of physical benefits, such as helping them to develop their lower extremities and to gain strength and speed, but also offers psychological benefits such as improving their self-control, confidence and emotional stability.


Chess offers a variety of benefits for children as an activity which favours exercise and develops mental abilities. Learning chess boosts critical thinking, an essential skill for the globalised world we live in, and encourages children to show their creative and imaginative side while they find the balance between the emotional and the rational and socialise with others.