Agora Portals International School – Global Readiness – School Exchanges

The international private school Agora Portals offers pupils the opportunity to take part in exchanges and international experiences in order to improve their language skills and fluency. These learning opportunities are included as part of the curriculum at Agora Portals International School.

Pupils at our school can opt for short or extended stays abroad. This provides them with an experience of total language immersion and the perfect opportunity to soak up the culture of the country. All our trips are organised to the very last detail and pupils are supervised and supported by tutors assigned to the project to make sure that the exchange is a unique experience which gets the very best out of each pupil’s skills and helps them reach their full potential.

Our pupils can choose to go to different places, such as England. At Stonar School, an international school which is also part of the NACE Schools group, our students can participate in an exchange experience and improve their level of English through true language immersion.

When they begin the academic year 5th Primary, our students take part in international experiences which involves participation in short-stay exchanges with pupils from around the world.