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Agora Portals International School belongs to the prestigious, internationally recognised educational group NACE Schools, which is present in 4 countries: Spain, France, the UK and India.

At the private international school Agora Portals, we aim to prepare and educate our pupils through activities which motivate them – one of the most important aspects in learning – within an education programme which covers every stage from Infant Education to Baccalaureate. The school offers fully equipped facilities which support the pupils’ development in a positive atmosphere to help them learn values and a good attitude.

Our Philosophy

We prepare every pupil to live successfully in a globalised world.

  • We boost intellectual and emotional development
  • We assess and attend to the individual needs of each pupil
  • We help each pupil to identify and achieve their dreams
  • Our pupils make a positive impact on our interlinked world

The methodology used at Agora Portals International School is based around 4 main pillars:

Educational Excellence

Global Readiness, including language immersion

Depth and Excellence in areas such as music, art and sport

Education in Values

At Agora Portals we firmly believe that a complete education should not be seen as the sum of the different areas, but as the result of the integration of all of them.

For this reason, at Agora Portals International School our education is global. We prepare citizens of the world, with the skills necessary to face the professional challenges they may experience over the course of their career.
The educational programmes at our school include quality content which complements the pupils’ education in different areas. We believe that music, art and sport are essential to increasing our students’ creative abilities.

The academic success achieved by pupils at the private international school Agora Portal is thanks, in part, to the learning methodology applied here. This is based on independent learning, self-discipline and the ability to work in a team. Every member of Agora Portals International School is educated in the values which our teachers identify with:

  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Effort

We promote integration, given that all our pupils make up a unique community in which every way of thinking has its place, always within a framework of respect and good manners towards others.

Letter from the Headmaster

Our school headmaster, Rafael Barea, carries out this project with enthusiasm and commitment, aware of the importance of being able to work day after day for the good of our students.

School History

The education we have provided throughout our history is distinguished from others by innovation and high performance, making the education cycle easier through a personal approach adapted to each pupil.

Educational Project

The pillars of education at Agora Portals International School are: educational excellence; co-curricular depth, particularly in music; global readiness; and education in values.

Our Values

The essence of our educational system can be defined by: respect and dignity, responsibility, companionship, effort and humility.

Julio, 2018

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