Agora Portals – International Private School – Letter from the Headmaster

Dear Families,

It is with pleasure and pride that I address you as Headmaster of Agora Portals School, a task I carry out with great enthusiasm and commitment, aware of the importance of being able to work day after day for the good of our children’s education. In this work I am able to rely on the help and complete dedication of an extraordinary teaching team which works continuously and focuses on diversity to ensure that every pupil achieves the best possible results.

We are well aware that training and education are the basic pillars for our society to advance and develop, and that only those who are truly prepared will be able to successfully face the challenges with which this era of constant and rapid change presents us. For this reason, our motto is “Prepare every one of our pupils for a globalised world”.

I am absolutely positive that in today’s education, certain values such as effort, willpower and responsibility are needed, our first aim always being the children’s happiness and the all-round education of the students. In order to achieve this, we have implemented an educational model based on a modern pedagogical system in constant innovation, promoting among other things, a very high level of the English language, Music, Art, Sports and an appropriate and rational use of new technologies. All of this is done without forfeiting discipline, nor an education in values, which are both fundamental aspects of our educational methodology.

Aware that the best inheritance we can leave our children is their education, I hope these pages will be of interest to you and that I will have the pleasure of seeing you soon at our school.

Yours faithfully,

Rafael Barea