Agora Portals – International Private School – School Values

Excellence and Innovation are part of daily life at Agora Portals International School. At every educational stage, we reinforce the values we believe are necessary in our society, and which we give our support to.

The 4 pillars of our educational project are:

  • Respect and Dignity. Our “secret” lies in instilling an education in values in all pupils, to help them grow up as well-rounded people.







◦ Objective: Dignity and Respect

  • Responsibility. We are anxious to prepare our pupils to be respectful and responsible, adopting maturity in all areas of their lives.
  • Companionship and Effort. Reinforcing teamwork is a must at our school as a way of working, in which we are always aware of a series of values: perseverance, self-improvement, discipline and thoroughness, respect, confidence, generosity and solidarity.
  • Humility. This value helps our pupils to grow as people. Arrogant people will gain respect for a day, while humility earns respect for a lifetime.

Through the process of educational coaching our pupils learn to manage their emotions, their fears, their worries… Because at Agora Portals International School we educate people who are prepared to live together in an ever-changing world, with an attitude of interest and a commitment to growing and improving in all areas of their life.

Particularly important at our international school is respect and tolerance, which are values experienced in every corner of Agora Portals International School, thanks to the many different cultures which co-exist at our school and allow for multicultural enrichment.

To strengthen these values and boost companionship among the pupils, every student is part of one of the four School Houses: Atlantis, Avalon, Olympus and Shambhala, all of these symbolic places in mythology. Each house is made up of students from different year groups to boost diversity and co-operation among the students, regardless of age. Throughout the academic year the students earn house points individually for displaying an attitude which goes beyond what is expected, contributing to the community, or through the friendly events and competitions and events held at school. At the end of the year, the House which has earned the most points is named the winner and is featured in at the school.